We help you grow your most important capital: “your employees”. We do this with very practical training, education and coaching processes.

Our method is scientifically based on the learning theory, cognitive and experimental psychology. Important is that we work evidence based. So not purely theory, but proven results in practice.

Evidence Based HR

  • IQ or "intelligence quotient" is a score that reflects a person's cognitive abilities. EQ is the "emotional quotient" and reflects a person's emotional skills. Your IQ is largely hereditary. The other part is determined by environmental factors, such as your home situation, education, etc.
  • Your intelligence will definitely help you perform in your job. Yet your success doesn't just depend on IQ After all, research shows that dealing well with others also plays a role in your 'success'. We refer to this with "emotional intelligence."
  • Emotional Intelligence consists of 4 dimensions: self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness and the ability to influence others and manage conflicts.

IQ is important, but your EQ is a catalyst for your 'professional' success!

Gerrit Belis

"Increasing your EQ tends to make you happier on a personal level and more successful in the professional field"

Just to develop this ’emotional intelligence’, we have designed an integrative central behavioural model that supports our entire offer.

The ‘Hardware Software model’ allows us to explain and adjust any human behavior in the desired direction. It provides the necessary tools to understand your own behavior and select techniques to overcome any obstacles in order to achieve your goals.

It also provides guidance to better understand others and to better align your communication and make it more effective.

increase your employees' EQ

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The right man/woman in the right place' ... that's only achieved when both executives and employees know what their strengths and weaknesses are. In this way you create better productivity which leads to more satisfaction, appreciation and a stronger company.

Joris Vivijs
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