Career guidance

If you have some problems within your professional life, we will guide you to concrete solutions. The problem can be very diverse. But we always help you make adjustments to your current job. Or we’ll guide you to a new suitable challenge.

Don’t you want to change jobs immediately, but are there any problems within your current job that you want to solve? It can then be about job content, work volume, inappropriate job requirements or other things… Together we identify the specific problem and your desired objective. Then we write a solution-oriented scenario. We guide you with the implementation so that you feel happy again within your current job. If such a scenario is not possible, we will look at the possibility of reorientation within or outside your current business.


U-Count! is a recognised career centre. This means that you only pay 40 Euro for 4h guidance.
The rest paid by the Flemish government.
You are entitled to 7 hours of counseling every 6 years.

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